The Women Writers Vector Toolkit

Welcome to the Women Writers Vector Toolkit (WWVT). This site can be considered a text analysis laboratory for experimenting with word embedding models. The word vector analysis tools on this site use texts from the Women Writers Online corpus. This project is currently housed at Northeastern University and is part of the Women Writers Project.

We aim to make this site an accessible and transparent space for users with many levels of experience in text analysis. We have supplied this site with detailed documentation in order to: describe the processes and choices behind the regularization of the texts, publish code samples, and share assignments and case studies based on our analyses to provide visitors with example teaching and research applications. Read more about the background of the project, how to navigate this site, and the project team.

Click to explore the Word Vector Interface

Interface at a Glance

Below are screenshots of the Word Vector Interface. The first image shows the homepage, which contains a basic query section and cluster results. The second image shows the “Compare” function that allows for query comparison between models trained on two different corpora. The third image demonstrates how to use the “Analogies” operation.